Karvetinagar or Karvetnagar is a village and a Mandal headquarter in Chittoor district in the state of Andhra Pradesh in India. It is a place with some historical prominence. It is, for years, a socially and economically backward area.

Puttur is the nearest railway station to Karvetinagaram (15 km) in Chittoor District, inAndhra Pradesh. Frequent buses fly from Puttur to Chittoor via Karvetinagar. Alternatively, it can be accessed from Pallipattu (10 km) in Tamil Nadu.

Our college was previously located beside the Rajah’s Palace in the heart of the town. Later with the fruitful efforts of the elite of the town and the tireless trials of the former principals and the staff of this college, we are now blessed with a new building of our own located by the karveti nagar – Puttur highway road.

With the initiative of the Nagari MLA Sri R.Chenga Reddy Garu and several other local leaders, this college was established during the year 1994 - 95 and Sri R.Sreeramulu Naidu was the member of College Planning Development Committee. With the efforts of Sri G.Mudhu Krishnama Naidu the then Minister for Education, the first batches of B.A and B.Com were started in Telugu Medium. In 2009 B.Sc. with Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry and B.Com (Computer Applications) were introduced. In 2020 B.Sc (Maths, Physics & Computer Science) & B.Sc (Maths, Physics & Web. Technology) were introduced.

Now our institution offers the following Courses:
B.A - History, Economics and Politics (TM)
B.Com - General (TM)
B.Com - Computer Application (EM) and
B.Sc. - Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry(TM)